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Jordan - Al Jafr

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Subject: Jordan - Al Jafr
From: Malcolm Pittwood <>
Date: Mon, 1 Sep 2003 14:20:49 -0400
Wes and List

The Jordan location is actually limited in length by two camel tracks
across the likely max 10 mile long course.  Thrust SSC were not able to get
the surface stabilised and the car (all 10.5 tonnes) would leap off the
surface when it hit one of these tracks.  The site is also controlled by
the military that makes it more difficult to access (Richard Noble used the
Late King as a point of contact) - but once they were there the SSC team
got plenty of support from the same military.

Andrew Noble visited many alkali playa sites on behalf of Thrust SSC but
did not find one that was as good as the Black Rock for their vehicle. 
Their environmental approach meant that they got the permit from the BLM
fro use of the Black Rock, but this is thought to be a thrust + metal wheel
site only.  Not sure many teams can get through the risk assessment process

Tunisia remains a possibility of course.

The exchange rate and value of the Rand does make the Country of SA
attractive too.

Malcolm Pittwood, Derby, England. 

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