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International Finance (NON LSR)

To: Keith Turk <>
Subject: International Finance (NON LSR)
From: Bryan Savage <>
Date: Mon, 01 Sep 2003 22:37:25 -0700
Diet Coke as a cost of living assessment tool.
Excellent, There may be a better way but I can't think of it.

So in your spare time Keith you should advise Alan Greenspan
He could use some more effective tools.

Have fun,

Keith Turk wrote:

>Okay there is only one way I know of to tell the value of a dollar in a
>given country.... and that is to buy a Diet Coke....  trust me on this
>one... I've lived in several.... if the exchange rate causes you to spend 2
>bucks american your living in the wrong place.... but if you get that same
>coke for 15cents and have change left over for a quickie..... oh
>nevermind... buy the Rolex... or you will always regret it...

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