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Back to Earth

Subject: Back to Earth
From: Nigel Shaw <>
Date: Wed, 03 Sep 2003 21:07:57 +1200
        Got home on Saturday morning just gone from this years trek to mecca.
I'm now unjetlagged and back to the reality of eeking out a living. Just want
to say how it was great to put some faces to names.

    K.T., congratulations on getting your hat, that ain't no 'girlie
berkeley'. Dave D. it was good to refamiliarise our brief meeting from Gaidner
back in '95. My old pal Dirt Track Doug, once again, recognised you right away
from '98. Both mine and your previous trip to big dyno. John and Nancy W, Joe
and Jon A, Tom S, Mayf, it was cool if all too brief. Glen R and the boys from
Texas. It was my pleasure to sit with you guys and tell some lies while having
a beer ( or two ).

    By Wednesday, we had pretty much used our car up. We didn't have much left
ourselves. We did however manage to bump our own record up to 183 with an exit
of 188 from the three ( XF/BFR ). Kinda thinking about '05 as a target for
getting back. Have to see how all our situations go over the next few months.
Have to make a stronger effort to get to the Salt Talks, and besides, I never
did get a shot of the orange pants alongside the purple fire suit. Need to
spend some more people time next visit.

    That's it, I just convinced myself to start putting pennies in a jar
starting now. '05's gonna happen.

Nigel ( AKA Longfoot, down in NZ where it's not quite as warm but the fire
still burns )

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