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Subject: Re: Back to Earth
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Date: Wed, 3 Sep 2003 10:57:34 -0700
Nigel, it was a pleasure meeting you! Lies, indeed! I am miffed! Nah, not
really...was fun wasn't it?

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Subject: Back to Earth

> List,
>         Got home on Saturday morning just gone from this years trek to
> I'm now unjetlagged and back to the reality of eeking out a living. Just
> to say how it was great to put some faces to names.
>     K.T., congratulations on getting your hat, that ain't no 'girlie
> berkeley'. Dave D. it was good to refamiliarise our brief meeting from
> back in '95. My old pal Dirt Track Doug, once again, recognised you right
> from '98. Both mine and your previous trip to big dyno. John and Nancy W,
> and Jon A, Tom S, Mayf, it was cool if all too brief. Glen R and the boys
> Texas. It was my pleasure to sit with you guys and tell some lies while
> a beer ( or two ).
>     By Wednesday, we had pretty much used our car up. We didn't have much
> ourselves. We did however manage to bump our own record up to 183 with an
> of 188 from the three ( XF/BFR ). Kinda thinking about '05 as a target for
> getting back. Have to see how all our situations go over the next few
> Have to make a stronger effort to get to the Salt Talks, and besides, I
> did get a shot of the orange pants alongside the purple fire suit. Need to
> spend some more people time next visit.
>     That's it, I just convinced myself to start putting pennies in a jar
> starting now. '05's gonna happen.
> Nigel ( AKA Longfoot, down in NZ where it's not quite as warm but the fire
> still burns )

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