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Re: unknown car Identified

Subject: Re: unknown car Identified
From: Dale Krumheuer <>
Date: Wed, 3 Sep 2003 06:31:33 -0700 (PDT)
Identified, didn't look like a Lister, tail was too short, not quite a 
birdcage, finally zoomed on the photo and saw the name Denny Larson, the search 
began; Interesting story follows and a link to the web sight  

Dale Krumheuer

Cleveland OH

A legend is born 

In 1953, Midland, Texas, oilmen Guy Mabee and his son, Joe, wanted to build a 
sports car that could reach 200 mph and double as a competitive road racer. 

They hired engine ace Ray Brown and fabrication wizard Denny Larson to build 
the street-legal automobile. 

A 1952 fiberglass Victress kit-car served as the body. Brown modified one of 
the first Chrysler Hemi engines. 

Larson crafted the frame from 3-inch chrome moly tubing. To help the 
1,800-pound car slow after reaching top speed, the the group modified Lincoln 
drum brakes with ideas found in Chuck Manning's articles in "Road and Track." 

At the 1953 Bonneville Nationals, using a fuel mixture of alcohol and nitrous 
oxide, Joe Mabee drove the car to a record 203.105 mph two-way average. 

Convinced of its speed, the Mabees painted the car red and white in 1954 and 
began to improve its handling and stopping ability for road racing. Carroll 
Shelby, a young but promising Texas driver, was brought in to race and develop 
the car. 

Shelby decided instead to race in Europe. Guy Mabee bought Shelby an Aston 
Martin and agreed to help finance the endeavor. 

Shelby set land-speed records at Bonneville in 1954 and would go on to win the 
24-hours of LeMans in 1959.

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