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unknown car Identified

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Subject: unknown car Identified
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Date: Wed, 03 Sep 2003 10:54:44 -0600

That's an interesting story and clears up some questions rather
specifically.  Good research.  Thanks for the link.

However, as shown in Dean Batchelor's book, The American Hot Rod, the car
that set the record in 1954 was a coupe.  Check out the picture on page 100.
I remember that "Streetliner" car and the buzz abut it when it ran on the
salt.  I'd trust Batchelor as a resource on the original.  The car could
easily have been re-bodied and probably needed to have some strength added
to the frame to support the body shown in the picture, for road racing.
Looking at the picture makes me think we are possibly talking about
different cars.


on 9/3/03 7:31 AM, Dale Krumheuer at wrote:

> Identified, didn't look like a Lister, tail was too short, not quite a
> birdcage, finally zoomed on the photo and saw the name Denny Larson, the
> search began; Interesting story follows and a link to the web sight
> Dale Krumheuer
> Cleveland OH

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