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engine verification

Subject: engine verification
From: Scott Cowle <>
Date: Fri, 5 Sep 2003 10:19:01 -0600
  Could anyone who does inspections at Maxton address the following question
for me : I have installed a 500cid Mopar crate short block and have put the
exact same heads that the Mopar 500cid long block has in my Duster. The A-
engine class goes up to and includes 500 cid.It even has 500 stamped on the
ID. pad at the front of the engine. But since it is right on the limit of
that engine class is it my responsibility to prove to the inspectors that it
is not a 501 or more cid engine and if so would a sales slip which verifies
it as a 500 cid crate motor suffice?                      Scott 

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