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Re: WOS salt report coming this weekend

To: Steve Pitt <>, Land Speed
Subject: Re: WOS salt report coming this weekend
From: W S Potter <>
Date: Fri, 05 Sep 2003 22:53:27 -0600

My old room mate, Ron Shook, is going out tomorrow with his co-author on
their salt flats book to observe the rocketeers and their rocket tests.  I
will de-brief him when he returns on Sunday.  He is staying here tonight and
will leave his truck and bag here at the house.

The USFRA guys are going out early Sunday morning.  They will post the salt
conditions on the list when they return.  Gives us eight days from Sunday
before we move onto the salt, eleven before inspection and pit set up.

We had better not have showers and thunderstorms on Saturday the 13th.  We
have a wedding that evening and my daughter will NOT be happy if her big
event gets rained on.  In a test of wills, Mother Nature could possibly come
in second to her.


on 9/5/03 8:57 PM, Steve Pitt at wrote:

> Wes,
> Did you get any reports back on the condition of the salt?  NOAA weather says
> showers and thunderstorms over the weekend, good during the week with 70+ then
> back to showers and thunderstorms by next Friday.
> Steve Pitt

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