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Re: Rust fighting

To: Phillip Landry <>
Subject: Re: Rust fighting
From: Bryan Savage <>
Date: Fri, 05 Sep 2003 20:57:16 -0700
Great idea Phil.

Get some of the paper, run it through a shredder, stuff it in and 
seal'er up with gray tape.
Should do a great job.


Phillip Landry wrote:

> the reason I had thought about using this was not for my tool box at 
> all, what I was thinking of doing was putting something like this 
> paper or the camphor in the intake scope and exhaust header outlets of 
> my motor and then seal them up. I don't plan on running the motor for 
> a while and may not take it apart for a while also. What do you guys 
> think? Phil

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