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Hey, honey -- We're Home!

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Subject: Hey, honey -- We're Home!
From: "Jon Wennerberg" <>
Date: Mon, 1 Sep 2003 16:29:19 -0400
After a fun-filled 6400-mile trip, Nancy and I got back 'way up North last
Thursday night.

Good stuff:  No broken parts, two records, one upgraded competition license.

Bad stuff:  We missed Thud, our cat, but she's safely ensconced at home with
us once again.

Better yet:  We might even bring a tuner to World of Speed -- if you'd have
seen me trying to retune -- the computer on my lap, me on a mechanic's
rolling chair next to the bike, everything under a tarp so I could see the
screen in the Wendover sunshine -- if you'd seen that you'd still be
laughing!  That's why I'm hoping Mike will join us out there next time --
let him hide in the shade!

Yeah, it was fun upping the "naked" bike 1350 fuel record -- I ran it on
gas, so I know there's more speed for next month.  I haven't seen the final
results from SpeedWeek yet so don't know how much I've gotta step it up.
And Jim Owen's M/PS/F 1350 record got a 4 1/2 mph bump by me, which was cool
'cause I'd never gone that fast before (210.907 out the back --
whee-hah!) -- Ed and Cris's ears probably haven't stopped ringing yet from
my excited whoops and hollers.

Oh, yeah -- no, I don't have a red hat yet.  Even though I set a record over
2 bucks, there's a minimum of 225 in my class.  I wonder if I can wick it up
that much yet this year. . .  We did go to the 2 Club banquet -- great to
see all those fast racers, hear their stories, see their humility (even
Kieth, especially Steve Knecum).

Best of all for the event, though, was Nancy's participation on my bike.
She made two runs -- the first was a 173, but with about a zillion tv
cameras focused on her - and the concomitant psychological pressure -- I'm
glad she went even that fast.  Next day, though, she did what the timing
stand called a "perfect licensing run", turning a 185 in the 1/4 and holding
it to about 182 through the rest of the course.  And now she's addicted to
running the long course -- I told her it's great!  Is there any data on how
many other lady bike riders have run that fast?

Now I'm trying to convince her that pushing the N2O button isn't all that
scary -- then she'll be able to get her "A" license.

Final note, concerning next year's schedule:  We stay at the KoA, and we
were told that they won't accept '04 reservations 'til 3 January 2004, and I
suppose the other lodging sites will do the same.  There'll likely be busy
telephone circuits in Wendover that day!!!

We leave for WoS two weeks from yesterday.  See you on the Salt.

     Jon and Nancy Wennerberg
Seldom Seen Slim Land Speed Racing
#436   Marquette, Michigan   #1478
      (that's way up North)

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