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Re: My Speedweek 2003... -grateful, very grateful

Subject: Re: My Speedweek 2003... -grateful, very grateful
From: "Doug Anderson" <>
Date: Tue, 02 Sep 2003 01:24:30 +0000
Thankya so much Tom...!        It was    MY    pleasure meeting you  and 
your family....

Great folks    -as expected!   :-)

Now,... If I had "my druthers"  I'd be out there RACING with you each and 
every time.  But ones life path is sometimes a very convoluted and 
serpentine one....

BUT,....   that said, I sure do HOPE to meet you again next year!  Let's "do 
it again " !

   I'm STILL cleaning salt residue from Boogie Woogie.   YET.   No kidding.  
   Serious salt crud everywhere.  You see I got caught in that Thursday 
afternoon 40mph wind and rainstorm which of course was mixed with salt!  
Ugh its everywhere.   I am stripping the interior; door panels, rugs kick 
panels  etc, etc to clean it.   It even "killed" my master electric on-off 
switch, which is under the right rear of the car body!  Deader than a 
doorknob!   Full of green crud.  Don't know if its even "cleanable: or not.  
Guess I'll find out!

Yesterday while cleaning and repainting front-end parts, I discovered a hole 
in my left front turn signal lens that is dead center and 3/16" (smaller 
than a pencil!) in diameter!   Don't know when it happened but it 
apparently was hit by something hard enough to punch it clean out!  And, It 
also took out the signal bulb as well. And now I found it now all full of 
rust as well from the hole letting in the crud!    Urg!!!

Mostly it's clean-up and preventative maintenance type stuff.  Two full days 
of it so far this weekend   I did have to repair a cracked LF motor-mount 
in Cheyenne Wyoming and re-thread the bolt hole to the next larger size for 
it in the frame.  Otherwise BW performed like "da champ" she is!  :-)   Not 
counting the "new trailer blues" of course!

This next weekend,  ( the TYRODS Old Timer's reunion over near "Bawston" )

-and the weekend following, ( the GOODGUYS East Coast Nationals in Rhinebeck 
NY ) are two "important" east coast Hot Rod happenings that I want to drive 
to so I've got to hurry up and get'er back in tip-top shape !

I've 8 -9 rolls of film from the salt to get developed this week too...   I' 
do believe they'll be some winners in there!

All for now, god bless.

                                  Cheers,.. & signin' off,  -it's your 
pal,"Dirt Track Doug"  in New Yawk

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