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Another MegaSquirt lives!

To: "Land Speed" <>
Subject: Another MegaSquirt lives!
From: "Dana" <>
Date: Sat, 6 Sep 2003 16:08:27 -0700
Hi all,

Finally ... the world's first fire-breathing Fuel-Injected GS-Twin lives and
breaths (yes there were some minor flames as the Ether caught fire --
woo-yaa!! -- KT-on-my-mind, extinguishers in both hands (draw!) --- bike at
the open garage door facing outside!!

After a few hours on the phone with Paul B. in VA (referred by a John
Robinson thank-you-very-much-John!), and shipping the MS unit back and forth
across the country (user errors in soldering), it finally fired and held

Not an easy deal. Lots of learning curve stuff. I had two wires from the
throttle position sensor reversed, half a dozen settings in the software set
wrong, and oh-yes, the best part ... I had the fuel entering the rail outlet
and exiting the inlet (hey, I never played with EFI before).

For testing, I had a red plastic fuel jug with a hole cut in the top to
insert the submerged fuel pump (from a 1986 Buick Electra).

I still need to replace my unknown snowmobile injectors with known ones from
Ford or Chevy, in order to calculate the correct fuel flow. (Anybody know
where I can get specs on stock injectors for a 1994 Polaris Indy Classic 500

Next steps:
clean up the wiring
replace injectors
build a tank/seat/tail
re-wire the fuel pump and f/p relay with a cutoff toggle on the handlebars
fine tune the software (need to buy a cheapy laptop on eBay) ... it runs
very rough right now
find a dyno (haha)
go to the drag strip to get some numbers
put more pics on the web-site
Go Land Speed racing! ... maybe, just maybe I'll make it by the October

Onward ... Yippee!

1980 GS-450 (513cc, EFI)

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