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Re: Another MegaSquirt lives!

To: Dana <>
Subject: Re: Another MegaSquirt lives!
Date: Sat, 6 Sep 2003 19:03:01 -0500
Dana email my friend Brian Olson 
go through his site for email

he develops turbo systems for some bikes
and snowmobiles,  he also flows injectors
and likely knows the Polaris ones well as 
his forte is fuel management of injected 

tell him I sent ya

Joe :)

Quoting Dana <>:

> Hi all,
> Finally ... the world's first fire-breathing Fuel-Injected GS-Twin lives and
> breaths (yes there were some minor flames as the Ether caught fire --
> woo-yaa!! -- KT-on-my-mind, extinguishers in both hands (draw!) --- bike at
> the open garage door facing outside!!
> After a few hours on the phone with Paul B. in VA (referred by a John
> Robinson thank-you-very-much-John!), and shipping the MS unit back and forth
> across the country (user errors in soldering), it finally fired and held
> throttle.
> Not an easy deal. Lots of learning curve stuff. I had two wires from the
> throttle position sensor reversed, half a dozen settings in the software set
> wrong, and oh-yes, the best part ... I had the fuel entering the rail outlet
> and exiting the inlet (hey, I never played with EFI before).
> For testing, I had a red plastic fuel jug with a hole cut in the top to
> insert the submerged fuel pump (from a 1986 Buick Electra).
> I still need to replace my unknown snowmobile injectors with known ones from
> Ford or Chevy, in order to calculate the correct fuel flow. (Anybody know
> where I can get specs on stock injectors for a 1994 Polaris Indy Classic 500
> EFI??)
> Next steps:
> clean up the wiring
> replace injectors
> build a tank/seat/tail
> re-wire the fuel pump and f/p relay with a cutoff toggle on the handlebars
> fine tune the software (need to buy a cheapy laptop on eBay) ... it runs
> very rough right now
> find a dyno (haha)
> go to the drag strip to get some numbers
> put more pics on the web-site
> Go Land Speed racing! ... maybe, just maybe I'll make it by the October
> meet.
> Onward ... Yippee!
> Dana
> 1980 GS-450 (513cc, EFI)
> ***    ***

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