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Re: Lake bed access

To: "Richard Fox" <>, <>
Subject: Re: Lake bed access
From: "Jim Dincau" <>
Date: Sat, 6 Sep 2003 19:41:50 -0700
     As of now the opening just north of Calaways is still open. The SCTA
president is going to a BLM meeting next Wednesday regarding the new access
fee and it's implementation. The original announcement had it starting Oct
1st. At the SCTA board meeting Friday night the general consensus was at
some time we will lose the access from the west end of the lake for
everything but the SCTA equipment. As of Friday the lake was flooded.
Jim in Palmdale

> Dan or JD or Jim or whoever, can I still get on the lake from Calaway, not
> through George's fence, but near there,  or do I need to drive down to the
> other end to enter?   Thanks,  Rich Fox

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