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Subject: Zetec
From: Malcolm Pittwood <>
Date: Mon, 8 Sep 2003 16:51:54 -0400
Bill and list

The Ford Zetec engine question I assume requires the engine to be rotated
ninety degrees - to be on the centre line of the car - and to have a
gearbox that can feed power down a prop shaft to the rear axle.

In the UK I would go to Quaife Engineering Limited for the bellhousing and
e mail is

If the engine mounts to a trans axle then call on Hewland Engineering  
e mail is

neither are budget solutions, but would be reliable.

What power is being handled?  A UK kit car maker might suggest one of the
cheaper four or five speed transmissions from UK Fords that had their
engines in line - the Sierra, Granada or Cortina models for example.  A ZF
gearbox might be an alternative for a powerful engine tune.

there may be clues on conversion kits on who work with
Zetec motors. 

good luck

Malcolm Pittwood, Derby, England

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