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Re: Nitrous Questions

Subject: Re: Nitrous Questions
From: Dave Dahlgren <>
Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2003 05:51:26 -0400 wrote:
> List,
> I am building a car that will make it's debut next year and I have a question
> for all you guys running nitrous.
> What difference should I expect from the change in altitude (pressure) if I
> jet the nitrous at sea level but then run it at El Mirage and Bonneville? 
None as long as the bottle pressure is the same and fuel pressure is the same..

> the HP gain be the same? 

Will the jetting "mix" (fuel vs N20) still be
> accurate? 

Anybody run closed loop O2 while on nitrous (with a UEGO sensor)?
Never for me just a poor idea.

> Any problems with the N2O solenoid with running for such a long duration?
Not if they are high quality parts. I would not run it for 3 miles though unless
you have a lot of money and engines to play with. Actually it all depends on the
speed of the car at 300 mph 3 mile is a much shorter time than at 175 mph.. For
anything more than 15 seconds there can be a lot of hoops to jump through
technically. Also a kit that is more than 50% of what the engine will produce
with out it can be problematic at best. At 25 to 30% it is pretty simple to use
for short durations like the last mile of the run.

If you search the archives there are a few good threads about this subject.

Dave Dahlgren
> Thanks
> John Romero
> Thousand Oaks, CA

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