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Re: Pahrump travel log

To: Richard Fox <>
Subject: Re: Pahrump travel log
From: Tom Shannon <>
Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2003 19:25:29 -0600
Quoting Richard Fox <>:

>  Tonight I saw a travel show on Parhrump (Pop 35,000. "Fastest growing
> rural
> town in the US) Couldn't miss that. They went to the Parhump Valley
> Vineyard.
> Were served a Cream Sherry Spitizer in the tasting room. Don't see much
> of
> that around here.                Then they went to the Amargosa Opera
> House,
> Some crater, and Lost Burro Town. Nothing about the growing LSR presence
> in
> Parhrump. Lousy show.   Rich Fox
> Rich;
Had a lady Las Vegas realtor on my bus several wks ago here in Salt Lake. 
She tried to sell me a 1/4 ac in Pahrump for 20K. I told her about the 
burgeoning lsr prescence. Then the price went to 25K! But she said I could 
make payments! such a deal. Mayf, Skip,Dale wanna subdivide?? LOL

Tom Shannon
Magna, Utah

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