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Re: Estate or Station Wagon or ...

To: Malcolm Pittwood <>
Subject: Re: Estate or Station Wagon or ...
From: Tom Shannon <>
Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2003 19:36:39 -0600
Quoting Malcolm Pittwood <>:

> List
> Now that I think we understand the item we are talking about, who does
> own
> the fastest vehicle of the type?
> Malcolm;
Guess I couldn't say in the present. But I can't help remembering the 
famed Tv Tommy Ivo 4 engine,Nailhead 464CU injected Buicks exhibition 
vehicle. Began as a dragster in 1961,Then Wagon body added in 1966.  speaking of nailheads,here 
is the complete nailhead story with many early photos including 1959 Bville

Good luck with your Wagon top speed search!

Tom Shannon
Magna, Utah

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