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Re: Oil Aeration

Subject: Re: Oil Aeration
From: John Goodman <>
Date: Fri, 12 Sep 2003 06:30:58 -0700 (PDT)
When discussing oil aeration, don't forget the pump.
Cosworth has a dry sump pump with de-aeration
properties built in. I'm sure others do too.

John Goodman 
--- Dave Dahlgren <> wrote:
> I am not sure what you are asking here.. But a dry
> sump is used for
> many reasons, first and foremost is the feature of a
> reliable oil
> supply regardless of vehicle attitude or g loading.
> the second is to
> scavenge the engine of oil so that it will not be
> aerated by the
> engine components such as the crank and con rods.
> You can scavenge the
> oil to the point that there is a reduced crankcase
> pressure compared
> to atmospheric and most do this to some degree or
> another. How much is
> good and where the line is as to a pressure that is
> too low is always
> a subject of debate. Just remember that there are a
> lot of parts that
> are both lubed and cooled by oil splash and the more
> you take out the
> more you will have to find ways to lube and cool
> them, such as piston
> pins, lifters and valve springs.
> One of the causes of high oil temps is the oil
> systems scavenging or
> in a wet sump oil levels that are too high or pans
> that have poor oil
> control. But so are bad bearings, improper
> clearances, incorrect oil
> for the application among others.
> Synthetic oil has a lot to offer as well as long as
> the cost is not a
> problem, generally speaking though the cost of the
> oil is usually the
> cheapest part of the engine.
> Dave Dahlgren

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