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Wagons, Ho!

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Subject: Wagons, Ho!
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Date: Fri, 12 Sep 2003 09:03:19 -0500
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    According to my search for wagon terms...........
    "Estate Wagon" is a British term for what Yanks call a "Station Wagon"
    "Shooting Brake" is a British term for a station wagon with wooden sides
and tailgate - we Americans would call it a "Woodie".
    "Station Wagon" is an American term, first used by auto makers for a any
coach body with multiple seats behind the driver, no trunk, and a lifting gate
or tailgate on the rear of the vehicle. Originally called "Depot Hacks", the
intended end-user envisioned by the makers was a delivery person who acquired
the load (people or goods) at a train depot - later referred to as a train
    Now then - anybody care to split hairs about pickups?

    Chris Pile aka aircap

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