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To: W S Potter <>
Subject: Re: WOS
From: Tom Shannon <>
Date: Sun, 14 Sep 2003 14:03:08 -0600
Quoting W S Potter <>:

> Latest report I have is that the salt is dry.  Forecast is favorable but
> bring some warm clothes for mornings.  We're going to have a GREAT meet.
> See you on the salt.
> Wes
> on 9/14/03 11:46 AM, Glen Barrett at wrote:
> > The 10 day weather forcast looks great for the USFRA meet. Sure wish I
> was
> > there. Some day I will go as a spectator and see what it's like to
> enjoy the
> > show and visit with the racers.Best of luck to all and go fast and
> safe.
> > 
Glen; Thanks for the good wishes. Just keep sendin' that nice SO Cal 
weather this way! Heres a link about the infamous Kent Fuller chassis. 
Thought you'd enjoy the early 60's rail photos. For you and others who 
can't make WOS. Enjoy. See 'ya at World Finals.

Tom Shannon
Magna, Utah

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