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Subject: WOS
From: "Glen Barrett" <>
Date: Sun, 21 Sep 2003 10:22:59 -0700
Well Gang
I left Long Beach on Tuesday about noon for the salt. Had a good trip up once
I got out of the LA traffic thats getting worse and with the pain is the ass
govenor giving away the drivers license to any illegal that wants to come over
has this old hot rodder is looking to move elsewhere.
The Wos was a lot of fun as I don't ever get to spectate. Got in some quality
visiting with a lot of old friends. Spent quite a bit of time with Terry Nish,
Geo Fields Skip H, and many others.

USFRA gave me a vehicle pass so I had the freedom to go anywhere I wanted.
Having the 2 Morman Meteors caars on the salt was really neat. The #3 car has
not diven on the salt in 54 years. Marv Jenkins was the center of atten for
two days. Hundreds of pictures were taken of the 2 cars.

I think being a spectator is about a one day thing for me. I need to be in the
middle of the action and the show. I enjoy timing and knowing whats going on .
Chris and Ed Shearer as usual doing their great job at the 7 mile. I spent a
little time down there when Nish, & Fields ran.

And Jon Amo is doing a great job keeping up with the action on his web site.

Thats about it for now gotta go clean the truck.

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