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Short trip to World of Speed

To: "" <>
Subject: Short trip to World of Speed
From: W S Potter <>
Date: Mon, 15 Sep 2003 14:04:55 -0600
Bye everyone,

I'm headed for the salt.  I'll be there in a couple of hours.  For those of
you who will be there, stop by and say hello at my sun shelter.  For the
rest of you, next year?

With a forecast of daytime highs around eighty from Friday through Monday,
we should have a great meet.  I'm sure you'll enjoy a cold drink ... I'll
have water and a few chairs at my location.  With morning lows in the high
forties and low fifties, bring some warm clothing.  Light layers work best
so you can peel them off as the day goes along.

See you on the salt!


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