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Re: Bangers

Subject: Re: Bangers
From: "Doug Anderson" <>
Date: Mon, 15 Sep 2003 20:31:09 +0000
NOW I   REALLY   am   CONFUSED.....           What classes is Rich talking 
about then ?

Cheers,.. & signin' off,  -it's,"Dirt Track Doug"     -with foot placed 
firmly in mouth...

PS   Dan check out the landracing picture post....    :-)

original msg:

       EVERYTHING      -BELONGS -      on the salt

           - especially those classes that CONNECT us all to out heiritage.  

I for one,  really missed the bangers at Speedweek...           -Doug

                                             RIGHT Dan ?



Numerous V4 entrants, 2 records. V4/FR at 168+  in a highboy.
You missed what bangers?


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