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Step pan

To: "land speed" <>
Subject: Step pan
From: "Dan Warner" <>
Date: Tue, 16 Sep 2003 06:36:32 -0700
Can someone please help me with the definition of a step pan?
How low can it go?
Can it go below the frame?
Can it go back all the way to the seat?
Can it be as wide as from the frame rail to the transmission tunnel?
Can it be on both sides?
No one else answered, so here goes -

2003 rulebook, page 40, covers the requirements real well.
>From the rear of firewall to 10" in front of the rear axle c/l.
Bottom of the frame plus thickness of the material used. Side to side, must be
in a single plane. Any trans case parts or cross members below a line drawn
from frame rail to frame rail must have a hole in the step pan for clearance.
The step pan cannot be bent to enclose anything hanging below the frame.

Dan Warner

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