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Subject: BSFC
From: "gary baker" <>
Date: Tue, 16 Sep 2003 22:23:47 +1000
Im sizing some injectors and the rough estimate is  a BSFC of  0.65 pounds 
/hour per HP  for a turbocharged motor, what I need to know does this hold 
true for methanol do I double this figure  or work out the injector size at 
0.65 and double the injector size ?  or add two injectors ?? can someone 
point me in the right direction  , I did some calcs and came up with a 124 
PPH injector  per cylinder
610 HP at the crank  4 cylinders and turbocharged  duty cycle of 80% and as 
you use twice the methanol over  gasolene  this makes for a humungus  
injector if you double the size

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