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Ernie Hashim

Subject: Ernie Hashim
Date: Tue, 16 Sep 2003 11:28:29 EDT
    We lost Ernie Hashim last night,Monday, Hut,
    Ernie was the M & H tire dealer going back into the 50s, ran Hashim's 
Automotive in Bakersfield and was a Drag & Lakes & Bonneville Racer

    Ernie Hashim was a giant among pioneers in the 1950's early days of drag 
racing. The Hashim/Hylton(sp) blown fuel Chrysler powered rail was one of the 
first to go 150 MPH in the 1/4 mile.
    At that time there were few if any blower setups available for anything, 
so Ernie fabbed his own front-drive setup.
    I was a teenage spectator and wannabe at Kingdon (Lodi,CA) Drag Strip 
when Ernie showed up one Sunday and proceeded to turn 150+ for the first time 
that strip. The car had a frame made of Ford Model T rails that flexed so much 
you could hear the pulsating sound as the car used a great deal of the 
strip's width during its pass.
    Tony Waters and his awesome blown DeSoto powered 23 T Fuel Altered 
Roadster also came from the same Bakersfield stable, using another homemade 
drive GMC huffer.
    In the mid to late 1950's I was racing my Flatty powered FED at the San 
Luis Obispo CA and Santa Maria CA drag strips, even winning an occasional TT 
and/or TE trophy. Ernie never came over to the coast (much to my relief) when I 
was running but Hut Watkins and his Nailhead Buick powered Fuel Roadster as 
well as Milt Alley and Herb DeWitt with their NA DeSoto Modified Roadster (with 
the shark-nose made from a 30's Willys hood) did and cleaned up every time. 
Luckily I never had to race them.
    What a pleasure it was to meet Ernie, Tony, Joaquin Arnett, and Hut at 
the salt a few years back. Ernie was a true gentleman in every sense of the 
word, always willing to take the time to talk about the "old-days" with one of 
fans from 50 years ago. When I saw him at El Mirage running his little pickup 
it was great.
    I only wish I'd had the opportunity to meet Jazzy Nelson again before he 
passed away a few years ago. His little Flatty powered Fiat Fuel Competition 
coupe was awesome, winning many TE's against OHV V-8 powered rails in the days 
when the Hemi could make the power but couldn't get it to the ground for most 
of the 1/4 mile.
    These gentlemen were true pioneers in the sport of drag 
racing.........................Ardun Doug King

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