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RE: Ernie Hashim

To: Landspeed <>
Subject: RE: Ernie Hashim
From: Katie Young Cortez <>
Date: Tue, 16 Sep 2003 22:12:19 -0700
Doug, I enjoyed reading your memories of Ernie. I, too, am so glad that my
path crossed his and that I was fortunate enough to call him

I first met Ernie at one of the Muroc meets when he was to do a licensing
run at just over 125. He was in Al Sanderson's pick-up which, I believe had
an A motor in it at the time. Well, Al told him the RPMs to keep it at to
just barely go over 125, and the story from Ernie was that the ride felt so
good at those R's that he just decided to let it go a little higher...up to
almost 180 mph. I do know that the SCTA powers that be in the licensing
department were not happy with him--but like the rest of us could never stay
upset with that kind, jovial 80+ year old soul.

Later, I spent many hours in the Bonneville short course line and the line
at El Mirage visiting with Ernie. He loved to talk racing. One of my
favorite memories at the Salt was after he and I had just broken records one
morning. He ran right after me and it was already getting warm, so I took
him a cold bottle of water(Cris and Ed Shear style)--we just sat there
cooling off and enjoying/bench racing ourselves through each step of our
victorious runs. Later that day he had me join his teams' picture with a
billboard sized poster stating his record. Oh, I'll always cherish that
happy memory.

Lastly, I will miss his warm greetings each time I saw him whether it be at
the salt, dry lake, or at his shop. He was a humble, hard working,
thoughtful part of hot rodding history in California.

:-) Katie

P.S. One of the most pathetic stories he ever told me was about someone five
fingering one of his "old days" drag trophies from his display at one of the
first Hot Rod Reunions--and later a friend found it for sale on E-bay! Can
you believe that!?!

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