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F.I. Tech (was BSFC)

To: "LSR submissions" <>
Subject: F.I. Tech (was BSFC)
From: "3liter" <>
Date: Sun, 21 Sep 2003 20:55:15 -0700
Dave said (snip... "Atomization is everything when trying to make HP. It is
not good to go big on injector size and run low pressure this makes for poor
atomization and you are screwed before you even start."

Dave, does that mean since the Classic category is restricted to mechanical
fuel injection it might be beneficial to start experimentation with the
Hilborn pump pressure, and corresponding nozzle sizing?

Also, I remember reading many years ago about "droplet chemistry" for nitro.
If I understood it correctly I think nitro needed larger drop size to burn
efficiently.  I think surface area of the drop had something to do with it
rather than a homogeneous mix of many small drops. Fine atomization did not
work as effectively as large drops. The article might have been by Dr. Dean
Hill in Hot Rod during the 60's. Not sure about that reference though. There
also has been a lot of research in the aerospace community on the very same
thing for propellants. One thing is clear, different materials react
differently to droplet size. It is not always intuitive.

I am assuming you were talking about gasoline and agree with you for that
fuel.  More in Part 2. . .  -Elon

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