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Re: F.I. Tech (was BSFC)

To: 3liter <>
Subject: Re: F.I. Tech (was BSFC)
From: Dave Dahlgren <>
Date: Wed, 24 Sep 2003 03:46:29 -0400
With what little i know about chemistry, i was under the assumption that
combustion was exothermic by definition. You get more energy out than you put
in. If this were not true you would have to have an auxiliary power source to
turn the engine to process the fuel, or am i missing something here?

I also think but am probably wrong, that no matter how fine you atomize the fuel
at an injector that it will not all remain in that state due to wall wetting in
the ports and cylinder as well as the back of the intake valve.

3liter wrote:
 Not all materials react like gas. There is molecular
> mean-free-path, molecule interactions, endothermic vs. exothermic reactions
> ..a whole lot of stuff but I don't have the data. To be fair and not bore
> you I need to get more information. The next 3 days I'm AWOL but I will try
> to bring some facts and not conjecture to this discussion.  -Elon

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