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Re: Just returned from WOS

To: Tom Shannon <>
Subject: Re: Just returned from WOS
From: Tom Shannon <>
Date: Tue, 23 Sep 2003 04:53:26 -0600
Quoting Tom Shannon <>:

> Hey gang;
> Just returned from 5 days at WOS as course steward. Man what a meet! Yes
> Glen was seen making the rounds,but me thinks he had his eyes on the 
> timing van! Got to meet Skip Higginbotham. Too bad you & Gary Allen
> didn't 
> get "The Yellow Rose" up to speed. But heck Skip you looked good on the 
> roof of the timing trailer as we all helped perform tear down. Glad to
> see 
> the results are getting posted. Many new recs. Also many new 130 & 150
> mph 
> club members. Finally nice to see Joe & Jon Amo plus Nancy & John 
> Wennerberg again. Super job on the 130 club start line John! Too bad
> #1496 
> went out early bud!Cris & Ed Shearer were at their usual 7 mile 
> post,performing admirably as usual. Gas Up is almost here,now its my turn
> to feel left out!
> Forgot to mention,I also met John Beckett of ECTA with that kool new 
Honda car. Good luck at Maxton this wknd. Like Wes,I'm starting to recover.

Tom Shannon
Magna, Utah

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