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Just returned from WOS

To: Tom Shannon <>
Subject: Just returned from WOS
From: Tom Shannon <>
Date: Mon, 22 Sep 2003 21:29:02 -0600
Hey gang;

Just returned from 5 days at WOS as course steward. Man what a meet! Yes 
Glen was seen making the rounds,but me thinks he had his eyes on the 
timing van! Got to meet Skip Higginbotham. Too bad you & Gary Allen didn't 
get "The Yellow Rose" up to speed. But heck Skip you looked good on the 
roof of the timing trailer as we all helped perform tear down. Glad to see 
the results are getting posted. Many new recs. Also many new 130 & 150 mph 
club members. Finally nice to see Joe & Jon Amo plus Nancy & John 
Wennerberg again. Super job on the 130 club start line John! Too bad #1496 
went out early bud!Cris & Ed Shearer were at their usual 7 mile 
post,performing admirably as usual. Gas Up is almost here,now its my turn 
to feel left out!

Tom Shannon
Magna, Utah

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