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WOS and MPS-G One More Time

Subject: WOS and MPS-G One More Time
From: "Jim Belford" <>
Date: Tue, 23 Sep 2003 09:39:26 -0600
I had a really great time at my first WOS event and wanted to thank everyone 
involved in organizing and running it. An even greater surprise was the fact 
that I beat the existing MPS-G 1000cc record by about 2.5 mph. 
Unfortunately, as we have seen mentioned so many times before on the list, 
the rule which prevents the use of some stock seat fairings will keep me 
from getting credit for it. I know that some have said to just get over it 
and buy a fairing and fender to use for racing. I looked into doing that for 
this event but the cost of a new fairing and fender (over $700) did not make 
I don't quite understand the logic behind a rule that disqualifies a bike 
because 1/2" of the rear tailight on a near production bike extends beyond 
the rear tire and at the same time you have other MPS bikes with twice the 
plastic wrapped all the way around it up to the middle of the back tire. At 
tech inspection Henry indicated that they would probably change the rule 
next year. When I returned and told him I had exceeded the previous record 
by 2.5 mph and that I hope they change it by next year he said it would not 
even be considered. When I asked why he was contradicting what he said 
during tech inspection he said "just to piss you off". To say the least, my 
exuberence at breaking the record was quickly drained. I did not know 
officials were there to piss competitors off. As I said earlier, my 
experience with everyone else was very positive and enjoyable. Henry went on 
to say when I asked why he was against it that he was an "old timer" and 
just did not want to change the rule. Well I hope that is not the attitude 
of other members on the rule committee. Those responsible for defining the 
framework of our sport need to be aware of and consider technological 
advances when applying the rules. Factory bikes are improving significantly 
every year and we should not have production bikes that are technically 
superior to modified bikes. The current P-P 1000 cc record is 182.759. The 
existing MPS-G 1000 cc record is 181.448 (if you ignore my 183.822).
I am pretty sure that the intent of the rule was not to prevent someone who 
slapped an exhaust can on a production bike were the tailight extends a 1/2" 
beyond the rear from running in MPS. It was most likely to prevent someone 
from extending the plastic so far behind the bike that it looks like a 
streamliner. Inspectors should have the flexibility to interpret the intent 
of the rules and apply them in a logical manner. In actuality, my rear 
fender most likely acted as a mini parachute and slowed me down some.
I hope that the rule committee will follow through with changing the rules 
when it makes sense to let production bikes be the baseline for the modified 
category. For the time being I am content knowing that I took my street bike 
to the salt and exceeded my expectations by adding almost two and a half mph 
to the existing record. It's pretty cool when you can run the highest speed 
in your category ever on the salt one day and strap your computer and lunch 
to the back and ride it to work the next. ;=)

Best Wishes,


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