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Re: Rear wheel steering

Subject: Re: Rear wheel steering
From: "DrMayf" <>
Date: Tue, 23 Sep 2003 08:05:02 -0700
Glen, I understand now. You were merely implying that it is a strange beast
to drive. And yes when you sit up front with no hood in front of you your
reference points are gone and the feeling is odd. But, like rear steer, this
is only driver training (also fork lifts and boats). The design of any rear
steer really needs to be worked out in the engineering sense. All kinds of
things are suspect and need evaluation. Like is camber the same? How about
toein/out? Caster (yeah, I think so on this one)?  Driver ergonomics?

Oh, and airplanes are sorta rear steer also.

And I loove the gunsight when out of control and heading for the rail, the
rail sitters must near have a heart attack...bieng in the gunsight so to

Oh, the comment about John Beckett...did he spin this year? Haven't heard
much about the new car at all.


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