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RE: F.I. Tech (was BSFC)

To: "'Waldron, James'" <James.Waldron@CWUSA.COM>,
Subject: RE: F.I. Tech (was BSFC)
From: "Albaugh, Neil" <>
Date: Wed, 24 Sep 2003 13:32:44 -0500
"Detonation, instantaneous throughout, dynamite"

Just to split hairs:

<1,000 m/s flame front velocity = low explosive (black powder, coal dust,
gasoline/air, etc)--- (burns)

>1,000 m/s shock wave velocity = high explosive (TNT, tetryl, picric acid,
C4, etc)--- (detonates)

Regards, Neil     Tucson, AZ

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From: Waldron, James [mailto:James.Waldron@CWUSA.COM] 
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Subject: RE: F.I. Tech (was BSFC)


Thanks!  (I knew someone here would know)

Jim. W

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The three instances are;

Combustion, relatively slow burning on the surface, gasoline

Deflagration, propagation with a flame front, smokeless gun powder

Detonation, instantaneous throughout, dynamite

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