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To: Land Speed <>
Subject: Research
From: "Thomas E. Bryant" <>
Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2003 09:40:31 -0700

This may not be of interest to anyone else but it caught my eye while 
looking at the old programs.

Following is a quote the 1967 Program Editor's remarks at the heading of 
the Competition Coupe Classes...

Competition Coupe/CC
"The fastest speed obtained by modified stock bodies are turned in by 
these cars. Some of us wish cars with the classic competition coupe 
body--a chopped and channeled '34 Ford Coupe--had a chance, but it 
appears to be Studebaker country."

Competition Coupe was an open fuel class in those days. The gas class 
was added in the late eighties.

Things have changed!

Tom, Redding CA - #216 D/CC

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