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Good BLUES news you can use not LSR, but hey, it's good

Subject: Good BLUES news you can use not LSR, but hey, it's good
From: "Doug Anderson" <>
Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2003 19:36:33 +0000
Ok then!  -For all you Blues Fans out there that havent heard,  this is 
the year of the Blues as declared by the US Congress no less

And as such,  Saturday night, starts a 7 part TV series on PBS TV you NEED 
to see.    Itll be 2 hours long per episode!  Wow.   Its about time huh ?  
   Blues finally getting the recognition it so deserves.

  All I can say is wonderful !

Go to  and   to learn all about it!  Theres 
lots to see &  learn

This teaser from:

The Blues anchors a multi-media celebration that raises awareness of the 
blues and its contribution to American culture and music worldwide.  Under 
the guiding vision of Executive Producer Martin Scorsese, seven directors 
will explore the blues through their own personal styles and perspectives. 
The films in the series are motivated by a central theme: how the blues 
evolved from parochial folk tunes to a universal language.

The seven-part film series includes:

Feel Like Going Home    by Martin Scorsese
The Soul of a Man    by Wim Wenders
The Road to Memphis    by Richard Pearce
Warming by the Devil's Fire   by Charles Burnett
Godfathers and Sons   by Marc Levin
Red, White & Blues    by Mike Figgis
Piano Blues    by Clint Eastwood 


if that wasnt enough to warm the cockles of your heart,.. to make things 
even better ( !   can it be ?  ) there is a 13 part, 1 hour radio series 
starting next week as well on Public Radio.

Holy Smokes.

I quote:  The Blues" Radio Series Public Radio International (PRI) Affiliate 
Stations Nationwide  9/28/03 - 3/31/04    Please consult local listings for 
exact broadcast dates and times.


-youll need to consult your local listing to get the air time on this deal.


  Better stock up on plenty of audio and videotape       -and get yo' dates 

Enjoy your free ear candy, :-)    Cheers,.. & signin' off,  -it's your pal,  
"Dirt Track Doug"

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