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Re: Rrear Gear Differential Question

To: Dick J <>
Subject: Re: Rrear Gear Differential Question
From: Dave Dahlgren <>
Date: Sat, 27 Sep 2003 15:46:43 -0400
This is like a straight line into a Clint Eastwood quote.. 'Are you felling
lucky today'. Lets see the gears are probably high carbon steel for strength. So
the plan is to go in with  a mystery rod in a stick welder and have no
embrittlement. Sounds like a good plan if you are looking to make a hard turn
around half track when the weld breaks and only one wheel is driving the car..
It might be why they make the spool and they are so plentiful and cheap... You
might want to give this plan a little thought before you act. But the 'S' in
Studebaker might be for spin as well. You are headed for a place that a lot of
people have been but few want to visit again. Think of the spool like a fire
suit except it is a go straight device so you won't need the don't burn suit.
The locker is merely optional for more go straight stuff.

Dick J wrote:
> Time to start working on my Studebaker!
> Why should I spend five hundred bucks for a Detroit Locker, or eighty bucks 
>for a spool when a twelve cent welding rod to the spider gears will accomplish 
>the same end?  Is anybody out there actually running welded spider gears?  
>Rich Fox?
> Dick J in East Texas

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