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Re: Rrear Gear Differential Question

To: "Dick J" <>, <>
Subject: Re: Rrear Gear Differential Question
From: "Richard Fox" <>
Date: Sat, 27 Sep 2003 13:38:15 -0700
Dick; Last time I ran welded spider gears I was not old enough to buy beer.
Now I'm to old to drink beer I still don't weld spiders. Mini spools are
cheap enough and I have run open rearends on the salt OK. Don't think I
would want a locked rearend if I was going to an open road race.   Rich Fox
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Sent: Saturday, September 27, 2003 10:57 AM
Subject: Rrear Gear Differential Question

> Time to start working on my Studebaker!
> Why should I spend five hundred bucks for a Detroit Locker, or eighty
bucks for a spool when a twelve cent welding rod to the spider gears will
accomplish the same end?  Is anybody out there actually running welded
spider gears?  Rich Fox?
> Dick J in East Texas

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