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Subject: rearsteer
From: john robinson <>
Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2003 14:55:53 -0500
part of the problem I am having when discussing rws is basically I am 
talking through my respective hat , I know this, I got an idea, seems like 
it might work, but somebody out there has tried it, and says its' harder 
than it looks, and in rereading some of my missives, it probably seems like 
I'm saying "gee it can't be that hard", which when I think about it, might 
sound like I'm saying any instability was caused by the driver or the 
designer.  and I don't mean to imply that. if I went to the trouble and 
expense to build a rws car I'd want to be damn sure I tried everything 
within the basic design to make it work, and I'm damn sure somebody did 
just that. I just think this is a viable >concept< at least, so far I have 
not heard of an argument that convinces me of any folly. while not 
disregarding the actual attempts, and because I'm busy with the bike, and a 
little on the car, and am thinking about SpeedWeek, which I missed this 
year, and it's kinda slow here at work, so I'm just bench racing about rws. 
but when I ask for specifics, all I am told is it can't be done, the rules 
say so and as there are little actual facts to evaluate, I just chew on the 
idea and see if anything new is out there.....if I put my foot in it and 
pissed somebody off, pardon me

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