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Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2003 20:01:21 -0500
I know the speeds are dramatically different---but when you are steering a 
sailboat with a tiller you learn to pull the rear where you need it to 
be---when you use the  wheel on the same boat you remember that you have to 
drive the bow---the boat does not know the difference---sparky
> From: john robinson <>
> Date: 2003/09/29 Mon PM 12:10:37 CDT
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> Subject: rear steer
> the figures for the dymaxion car were not tested numbers,they were, to the 
> best of the my readings on the car, "best guess and advertising numbers", I 
> thought the top speed somebody wrote about was 90+/- . somewhere I saw a 
> film clip of the dymaxion doing circles around a cop, driver not more than 
> 4 feet from cops face as they circled ....but he sat ahead of the front 
> axle and I think that makes it a lot easier to intuitively steer the RS 
> vehicle....and given the obvious aero advantages the dymaxion had over a 
> '33 Ford, I think the car should have gone 120.....seems I remember there 
> are still a couple of those in existence, one with over 100,000 
> miles...... has info on the 
> dymaxion. now it does state in the website that the car had serious 
> stability problems.....but, nobody drove the thing IMHO, from how I read 
> the website anyway.
> and moving the driver to the rear of the car should make driving a rear 
> steer a lot harder, due to now instinctive (since 16 yrs old) self training 
> on fws cars, but tail steered airplanes learn to rear steer, albeit using 
> tailfeathers too.....
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