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Re: Rear Wheel Steering

To: "John Beckett" <>,
Subject: Re: Rear Wheel Steering
From: "Jonathan Amo" <>
Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2003 18:24:25 -0600
OUr good friends whom I see every weekend Mountain States Automation had
their 1000 car in a rear wheel steer form in the 70's. John Gowetski and
Marty Sutton both drove the car both wrecked before the mile. BUT.... I am
not saying it wouldnt work. Iwould like to see a design that will. I am all
about freedom to build and test what you like. But I guess you cant test it
at a scta event.  So how does one go about testing a vehicle if they will
not allow it. You would need space and the salt flats seems like the right
place to do it. I guess the answer would be private time on the salt.


> OK, first of all I would like to quiz the audience as to how many have
> actually built and run a RWS car besides Bucky, Richard Nobel and myself?

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