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Re: Rear Wheel Steering

To: "John Beckett" <>
Subject: Re: Rear Wheel Steering
From: "James Tone" <>
Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2003 19:50:52 -0700
I remember your roadster well John.  I was the head of the roadster
committee at the time. It was on a Thursday after we had all set up
everything and were inspecting the workers cars.  I was doing someone elses
car and when finish was asked to come down and look at yours. I remember
your cooling as much as the front wheel drive and rear steer.  Others
thought the problem with the rules was in the front wheel drive as the
roadster committee had just met concerning 4 wheel drive use in a modified.
I sat with the rule book in my hand for a long time looking for what I
wanted but didn't find at that time.  Yours was the infamous "I found it
while driving home in the definition of an automobile" line I have used when
pointing out the rae steer rule in the book.  The front wheel drive was
never in question but others thought it was.  We all watched you that year
never get to the timed mile even with the low mph restriction.  I'm sure, as
you have stated "learned a lot". I was always hoping to see the car again
with a steerable front wheel drive. Boy was that car low, top to bottom.  I
hear one is its either in the planning stages or nearing completion. Will
that be a topic for the list, just like Benhams rear engine which IS illegal
unlike front wheel drive :). Like you have said you've tried it and it
didn't meet expectations. The next one might be computer controlled and make
it who knows.  Good luck.......  J.D.

> List,
> OK, first of all I would like to quiz the audience as to how many have
> actually built and run a RWS car besides Bucky, Richard Nobel and myself?

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