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Re: New Toy in the Box

To: Jim Webb <>
Subject: Re: New Toy in the Box
From: Joe Amo <>
Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2003 21:26:57 -0600
sounds like the best plan is to go to WF
I wil provide enough nitrous and accomanying parts
to get the truck over 200,  then you can spend the
winter making lakester money out of the truck

wadda ya think,  take advantage of opportunities

Joe :)

Jim Webb wrote:

>After a whirlwind trip from south Texas to Kansas, there is a new project in
>the Nuts garage. I struck a deal with John Goodman and now am the proud
>daddy of a NE/GL (that's a no-engine gas lakester). The car itself (along
>with John) holds the G/GL and G/FL records.
>Of course no good thing comes without some caveats...
>My dear wife says the Big Red Truck needs to go 200 before I can get serious
>about the lakester. Hmmm all motor parts kinda look alike to her... She was
>recently heard saying something about a second childhood. I like to think it
>is a continuation of a misspent youth.
>Anyway, it looks like a busy off-season shaping up. A rat motor to rebuild,
>a new transmission to put in the truck, a lakester to build a drivetrain
>for, a trailer to rehab, etc.
>Oh yeah, it IS a front steer car... <grin>
>Jim Webb
>Chock Full o' Nuts
>#527 A/PP 193.402 2002
>     B/PP 190.967 2002
>     A/PP 172.695 2001

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