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The good the bad and the ugly at Maxton

Subject: The good the bad and the ugly at Maxton
From: Scott Cowle <>
Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2003 12:14:11 -0600
 First I gotta thank everyone In SNART racing for their incredible
hospitality , you people are the best cooks around! And thanks to Keith and
Scott Griswold for their help in trying to help out what turned out to be a
not so good to downright embarrassing weekend from a racing point of view.
The Good-going 167 mph on the motor alone and knowing there is more there to
play with even before I go to nitrous, The Bad- nitrous wouldn't work, don't
know why, The ugly- my chute opened at half track on my last run after just
paying 50 bucks to change class and at the shut down area I accidently set
off one of my non-refillable extinguishers.But I had a blast and I had a
safe weekend, I laughed alot and I can't wait to do it all again, only next
year I'll make sure the bugs are all worked out and the car has the
necessary safety upgrades. Thanks to everyone who volunteers to make this
all happen. It is the most fun I get without taking my clothes off.

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