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Re: April Maxton

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Subject: Re: April Maxton
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Date: Tue, 3 May 2005 15:13:49 -0700
any bikes there??

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Subject: April Maxton

> Just a couple of notes from the meet this weekend...
> The weather again just wasn't cooperating... dang spring is going to pass
> right by and go directly to Summer ...
> Even with a bit of rain Maxton once again treated us alright,  the track
> in no time and we all got to run as much as we wanted.... or almost all of
> ( Tonya might have wanted her pass in the Berkeley but the steering wasn't
> being happy )
> Scottie Griswald and Ace Allen Finally got in the 200mph club... along
> Kurt Urban....
> Phil Franz got his Camaro over 180mph to prove the new motor has some
hp...  (
> good for him... it's been a long time coming )
> Richard ran respectable for a 156 pass... and Tim Schoeny came out of
> retirement to prove his little Honda is faster then the Bonneville
> Pete Brown is fix'in to have to pay double entry fee's cause he was just
> having to much fun in his new Mustang.... ( Tonya stole it to make a
pass )
> Donna took the killer Volvo out and made a few runs.... what a hoot...
> never been down the course... so it was a blast to watch her get
excited... (
> I hear She's getting Turbo's or Joe's building a race car... or something
> that )
> I know there's more information then that .... but without a brain it's
> to remember it all....
> Keith

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