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RE: race car wiring

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Subject: RE: race car wiring
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Date: Thu, 5 May 2005 16:55:42 -0500

It helps to live in Tucson where surplus wire from Raytheon's missile
production sometimes shows up here on the surplus market. I bought a
fair number of reels of good stuff (new) for about 50 cents a pound.  

Good crimping tools are hard to find and are expensive.

Regards, Neil    Tucson, AZ

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Paul.... Dave was good enough some years ago to put a list of mandatory 
supplies... all from Waytec and I've been using them for years with many

years left.... if you noticed the wiring rack on the wall of my shop
was part of the purchase.... total cost in 2000 was 600 dollars but I
the right strippers.... crimpers and such to work in Weather pac 
connectors.... the deal also included a virtual lifetime supply of pins

I just bought a bunch of Deustch connectors as well, just to have a
connector avalible for some tight areas....  NOT near as cost
but smaller then weatherpac stuff...

If I had the damn reciept I'd sure share what I bought... but that was
then 2 minutes ago and I've forgotten....


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