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RE: Bonneville plans

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Subject: RE: Bonneville plans
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Date: Sun, 15 May 2005 20:14:44 -0400
You're right, definitely no sand bagging on this.  We are running what I
would consider a little better than late 80's sprint car motor technology.
Last year was our first attempt at running anything with a Hilborn fuel
injection on methanol, and it wasn't pretty.  But even if we get it running
right, from what I can calculate, 260 isn't going to happen.  As far as B,
A, or AA motors go, I'm not sure I want to spend/go that fast in this car.
I do have a decent F blown motor, but the current record isn't nearly as
soft as I would like to see.  I guess in the long run, whatever we take out
there is probably going to scare me enough to want to come back.

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Jack... I'm kind of doubting much sand bagging on this one... we've already 
set the record at 251mph or so only to loose it to a paper work snafu...

I'm fairly sure if all goes well we'll be running in the 260's again on that


Have you thought about an A or a AA motor?

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> Keith Turk wrote:
> Well we're about there with our plans for Bonneville this year... Ted Wenz
> has the driving chores for speedweek running on the C/FMS record and Tonya
> might get an opportunity to work on her C/GMS record afterwards... We have
> even ended up with a back up motor.
> Keith,
> Do you think you could wait to run the C/F motor until World Finals, or at
> least cut three or four spark plug wires to level up the playing field?  I
> think we might get our car running on at least 5 of the 8 cylinders before
> WOS comes around.  That would be a big improvement over last year.  By the
> way, since you are also a Berkeley owner, would you have any advice on 
> where
> to mount the mast for a wind sail if we don't get our motor running any
> better?
> Jack White
> C/FMS #671

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