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Re: Test/salt improvement

To: <>, "Chris Harris" <>
Subject: Re: Test/salt improvement
From: "Glen Barrett" <>
Date: Fri, 20 May 2005 08:10:17 -0600
Does the propster dude have a SEMA approved snorkle. Pontoons are presently 
needed as well and wadeing boots in impound.  BTW, the temp is in the 80s 
and some wind at Wendover. We need a lot of it to be ready for speedweek.
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Subject: Re: Test/salt improvement

> here goes a prayer for all, and extra for you and
> yours Chris..........
> would it be possible and appropriate
> to invite and allow propster to make runs
> on the salt NOW.........ironically he has the
> only vehicle capable of running....and the only one
> that can improve the conditions............see what you
> guys get for making fun........I knew he was onto something...
> Glen, since you are available, we will let him know you would
> be very glad to assist and time his attempts........and if
> he could use a criss cross pattern that would be swell...
> Joe :)

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