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RE: Fuel Injection Question

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Subject: RE: Fuel Injection Question
From: "Dave Dahlgren" <>
Date: Wed, 25 May 2005 21:17:15 -0400
We must both be beginners Mike because i would have to agree with you
complely. Geez the older we get the more we start agreeing.. LOL 'll second
you on the charge air thing. As far asalky burning slow.It burns fast enough
to get the job done in a turbo cosworth indy engine that loafs along at 13k+


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> > The reason that you need more to make equal power is
> > that it has a lower BTU rating, and you have to run closer to a 6-8:1
> > air:fuel ratio as opposed to a 12-14:1 air:fuel of gasoline (leaded or
> > not) to get the same burn. Alcohol also burns slower, which is why you
> > usually advance the timing 14 or so degrees further than you would
> > with gas.
> I'm not the best tuner in town but I've never found alky to make
> substantially more power than a good motor on gasoline. If using
> constant flow FI I run
> more pressure to get the atomization I would like to see, with a
> carb it's even
> for both alky & gas in HP. In days gone by you ran very high
> compression with
> alky, we do the same with today's gasoline. The latent heat of
> vaporization
> being the only benefit I've found. Of course this is only "my"
> view yours may
> differ, the record book speaks for itself.
> Mike

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